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  • What is the difference between an interior decorator and an interior designer?
    While the terms "interior decorator" and "interior designer" are often used interchangeably, there is a distinction between these two professions. An interior decorator typically focuses on the aesthetics and visual elements of a space, such as color schemes, furniture selection, and decorative accents. In contrast, an interior designer takes a more holistic approach to a space, considering both form and function. They can develop plans for structural changes, lighting, and layout, as well as choose materials and finishes. The work of an interior designer can involve collaborating with architects and contractors, and may require knowledge of building codes and safety regulations. At Madeline Lewis Designs, we believe in a comprehensive approach to interior decorating that prioritizes both the beauty and functionality of a space. Our experienced team works closely with clients to bring their vision to life, from initial concept to final installation.
  • What does Full Interior Decorating Entail?
    Full interior decorating with Madeline Lewis Designs involves a comprehensive approach to transforming your living or commercial space into a personalized and functional room. Our team will work closely with you to understand your vision, preferences, and needs through consultations to develop a customized design plan. We will help you select everything from furniture to lighting, color palettes to window treatments, ensuring that each element complements one another perfectly. Our team will handle all aspects of the project, including sourcing materials, arranging installations and deliveries, as well as overseeing construction and renovation works, ensuring that the project is completed expertly and efficiently. We will leave no stone unturned when it comes to transforming your space into an oasis that meets your every need and enhances your overall quality of life so you will love where you live.
  • What does E-design entail?
    Virtual Design, also known as E-Design, is an online interior decorating service that utilizes technology to provide a more convenient and efficient way of designing interiors remotely. Madeline Lewis Designs offers this service to clients who may not have the time or budget for in-person consultations. The process is simple, starting with the client filling out a design questionnaire and providing photos and measurements of the space. The designer then creates a customized design plan, including a 3D rendering and shopping list for furniture and decor. Clients can communicate with the designer through email or online chat to discuss ideas and provide feedback. Madeline Lewis Designs incorporates Virtual Design into their services to offer more flexibility and accessibility for clients who may not live in the local area. The Virtual Design process ensures that clients receive personalized design services while still maintaining the designer's expertise and vision. With this service, clients can create their dream space from the comfort of their home with the guidance of a professional designer.
  • What type of organizational services does Madeline Lewis Designs offer?
    Madeline Lewis Designs offers personalized organizational services that are tailored to the unique needs and preferences of each client. These services include decluttering, space planning, storage solutions, and interior styling. The business focuses on creating functional and beautiful spaces that promote productivity, relaxation, and a sense of calm. The team works closely with clients to understand their goals and vision, and then implements custom solutions to transform their spaces into inspiring and efficient environments that they can enjoy and benefit from. Whether you need help organizing a home office, creating a more efficient kitchen, or transforming a cluttered bedroom into a peaceful retreat, Madeline Lewis Designs can help you achieve your goals. The business prides itself on delivering exceptional service and high-quality results that exceed client expectations.
  • What is Madeline Lewis Design's approach to staging and design?
    At Madeline Lewis Designs, our approach to staging and design begins with a consultation to discuss your goals for the space and how we can make it work best for you. We will carefully review the property and make recommendations on how to best highlight its unique features and potential, all while maximizing its value. Whether you are a Realtor or homeowner, we take pride in our ability to showcase properties that stand out in a sea of competition. Our design philosophy is rooted in creating spaces that evoke emotions and resonate with buyers. We believe that by highlighting a property's best features and designing spaces that allow a potential buyer to envision themselves living there; we can ultimately help to sell homes faster and at higher prices. From start to finish, we strive to provide professional, personalized, and quality work that exceeds our client's expectations.
  • What is Styling?
    Styling are décor projects that are on a much smaller scale. For example, a homeowner may need help with a book shelf, fireplace mantle, tablescape or bed. Style projects can also be done as a e-service in most cases.
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